Freedom Innovations

World Class Carbon Fiber Foot Solutions

Freedom Innovations' next generation prosthetic foot products combine advanced material technology and quality manufacturing practices to produce prosthetic devices that enrich the lives of amputees. More than two decades of design and manufacturing experience have resulted in the ultimate energy storage and return prosthetic foot devices with exceptional ground compliance in favorably lightweight designs. Our proprietary carbon fiber layering technique has created the ideal balance of flexibility and durability, enabling amputees to move with ultimate dignity and grace.

But the story doesn't end there. We are motivated by the notion that innovation, big and small, can result in monumental changes. For this reason, all of our products have one thing in common - constant innovation. We are driven by the idea that technology, when paired with excellent prosthetic care, can provide amputees the ability to reach their full potential. This mission and an unwavering commitment to quality drive the design and evolution of our products.