Freedom Innovations

Renegade® MX and Renegade® LP-MX

ZTech 3

The Renegade MX combines multi-axial motion with patented Z-Shock Technology™ to provide a vertical shock device with the motion needed to keep users stable and secure over a broad spectrum of activities. The lightweight, all carbon fiber z-shaped heel absorbs impact at heel strike and redirects the energy so that users can walk or run comfortably at any speed. An integral multi-axial rotator offers enhanced transverse rotation, plantar and dorsi flexion, and inversion/eversion so that changes in terrain and surface angles are easily overcome. The result is a product that is as versatile as its user.

  • Enhanced range of motion easily overcomes changes in surface angles and terrain to provide stability

  • Rotation is absorbed at the foot/ankle system rather than the socket, promoting limb health

  • 8° of transverse rotation; 8° of inversion/eversion, 6° of plantar flexion, 7.5° of dorsi flexion

  • Optional standard height (RS1-M1) or low profile (RS6-M1) configuration

  • Rated to 285 lbs., Categories 1-7, 36-month carbon fiber warranty, 24-month rotator warranty

Renegade MX and Renegade LP-MX Technical Specifications

Sizes: 22-31cm (Sandal toe option available sizes 22-28cm)
User Weight Rating: 285 lbs. (130kg)
Stiffness Categories: 1-7
Build Height (averages): Renegade MX 7.2"; Renegade LP-MX 5.6" (25cm, cat. 4)
Product Weight (averages): Renegade MX 672g; Renegade LP-MX 553g (25cm, cat. 4)
Connector: Integral male pyramid
Heel Height: 3/8"
Warranty: 36-month carbon fiber warranty. 24-month rotator warranty