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World’s First Load-Activated Foot

The THRIVE prosthetic foot is the world’s first load-activated carbon fiber prosthetic foot designed to accommodate added weight when lifting or carrying heavy objects. THRIVE provides support for variable weight when it’s needed – resulting in a dynamic foot that feels the same regardless of load.


Dual-Keel Design
THRIVE utilizes a synergistic, dual-keel design incorporating a full-length primary keel and a secondary, load-activated keel. When an additional load (up to 30% of the user’s body weight) is sensed, THRIVE’s primary keel progressively comes into contact with the upper keel, providing incremental support. This ensures consistent performance, and ultimately greater confidence among users.

Self-Activating Response to Varied Loads
Users are free to carry on with their activities with confidence and without a second thought.

Advanced Shock Absorption
11 mm of shock absorption increases comfort and residual limb health by managing forces that would otherwise be directed to the socket and knee joint.

Exceptional Ground Compliance
Split toe construction with +/-15 degrees of inversion and eversion creates multi-axial ground compliance to provide dynamic control and stability on irregular surfaces.

Outstanding Durability and Reliability
Strong, carbon fiber construction and a hardy wear surface between the dual keels make THRIVE ideal for demanding users.


Sizes: 22-31cm (Sandal toe option available sizes 22-28cm)
User Weight Rating: 365 lbs. (166kg)
Stiffness Categories: 1-9
Connector: Male pyramid
Heel Height: 3/8″ (10mm)
Part Number: FS5
Warranty: 36 months


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