Freedom Innovations Expands its Hydraulic Ankle Technology to K2 Space with Kintrol Launch

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Freedom Innovations has launched the Kintrol Hydraulic Ankle/Foot system, combining advanced Kinterra hydraulic ankle technology with the highest quality, aerospace-grade fiberglass to provide K2 level ambulators the comfort and control they demand.

K2 ambulators are prosthetic users who are typically defined as having the ability or potential for ambulation with the ability to traverse low-level environmental barriers such as curbs, stairs or uneven surfaces.

With this in mind, Freedom Innovations designed Kintrol’s articulating ankle with a progressive ankle stop, providing a 12-degree range of motion, enabling increased ankle movement for a more natural gait. Also, the K2 foot features above-the-footshell independent DF/PF adjustability, which allows the user an easy, precise and customizable experience.

One of the other key user benefits of Kintrol is the balance and stability its design makes possible. The stiffness category can be easily adjusted without exchanging the foot, which enables simple customizability. Plus, the foot’s U-shaped bumpers naturally enhance balance and provide stability.

Kintrol’s full length, unbolted fiberglass keel provides optimal flexibility and comfort, resulting in a smooth rollover; while the foot’s active Dorsi-Assist Spring technology aids in toe clearance during swing phase to reduce toe stubbing. In addition, increased coronal motion allows for additional balance and stability.

About Freedom Innovations

Freedom Innovations ( develops world-class lower-limb solutions in close collaboration with amputees and prosthetists. These solutions encompass technological innovations, service, training, educational resources and consultative support to help provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, California, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are distributed around the world.

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Freedom Innovations Launches World’s First Split-Keel, Low Profile Fiberglass Foot

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Freedom Innovations, a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced technology lower limb prosthetics, today launched the Maverick™ Comfort AT, an all-terrain, fiberglass foot with a low profile designed to accommodate those with clearance challenges while providing comfort and ease of mobility with unsurpassed ground compliance. The Maverick Comfort AT is lightweight, has excellent energy storage and return, and is suitable for leisure walking, hiking or engaging in low to moderate impact activities. The Maverick Comfort AT rounds out the trio of Maverick options from Freedom Innovations’ fiberglass foot line.

“We are confident in our mission to meet the needs of every amputee in both our fiberglass and carbon fiber foot portfolios”

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“I like the way the Maverick Comfort AT feels walking on cobble stones and uneven surfaces,” said Robert Poirier, a retired mechanical engineer. Poirier, an amputee for the past 53 years said he knows what he likes when it comes to easy walking. “Maverick Comfort has a soft heel for a more natural feel walking on all surfaces. It simply offers a smooth and predictable experience.”

“We are confident in our mission to meet the needs of every amputee in both our fiberglass and carbon fiber foot portfolios,” said David A. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Freedom Innovations. “Now, with our Maverick fiberglass options, we are satisfying more patients than before. In consideration of a patient’s residual limb, the low-profile design of the Maverick Comfort AT makes it the ideal lightweight, fiberglass walking foot for those with clearance challenges. We are thrilled when patients tell us they can walk for hours without discomfort or fatigue.”

Maverick All Terrain (AT) come in two styles, Maverick Xtreme AT and Maverick Comfort AT Low Profile and feature:

  • Aerospace grade waterproof fiberglass material
  • 32° coronal motion
  • a wave heel plate
  • regular and sandal toe options

The Maverick Xtreme AT launched in May of 2017 and is the world’s first, split-keel fiberglass foot providing durability, flexibility and stability. It is designed for active lifestyles including those who enjoy extreme activities. “I’ve only just started using the Maverick Xtreme AT,” said Eric Welton, a professional skydiver who has been an amputee for 11 years. “I surf, skydive, free dive, bike, hike, whatever keeps me active and this new addition, the Maverick Xtreme AT, backs me in my adventures.”

The world’s lightest fiberglass foot, the original Maverick Xtreme, launched in January and is the solid-keel version providing extreme durability and flexibility. “I’ve been using the Maverick Xtreme for six months and haven’t switched my foot since,” said 30-year old Robert A. Rodriguez, an extreme athlete who was born with a fibular hemimelia requiring amputation. “I first put on the Maverick Xtreme after breaking my carbon fiber foot training for American Ninja Warrior. As an athlete who plays five sports, I am no longer scared that my foot will break during my high activity performances. I love the Maverick because it’s lighter than other feet on the market. I can load and store more energy than usual getting better results than before.”

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About Freedom Innovations

Freedom Innovations, LLC, ( designs, manufactures, and markets award-winning advanced technology lower extremity prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout the world.


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Ottobock strengthens the leading position in prosthetics


Acquisition of Freedom Innovations expands market share in the USA and closes attractive gap in the product portfolio

DUDERSTADT/IRVINE. The German global market leader in technical orthopaedics continues to build on its leading position in the field of prosthetics. Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH is taking a key step forwards by acquiring Freedom Innovations from its previous owner, private equity company Health Evolution Partners (HEP). The two parties signed a binding purchase agreement on 22 September in Irvine, California.

“Unique opportunities simply have to be taken. Together, Ottobock and Freedom Innovations – the number one and the number three on the American market – will benefit from their combined sales power and portfolios. Integrating the company into the global Ottobock family offers significant advantages; we will be able to generate synergies and take Freedom Innovations to the next level thanks to the strength of our global sales network,” says Prof. Hans Georg Näder, President of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH. “Users will benefit from an even broader spectrum of innovative systems in prosthetics and a full pipeline of new products, thanks to our combined development expertise. Employees at Freedom Innovations will become part of a large, successful company. And our growth strategy will be bolstered by a great brand that will also further strengthen our presence in North America.”

Freedom Innovations and Ottobock share a passion for innovative solutions, Quality for Life, human mobility and independency.

Freedom Innovations is the number three in the field of prosthetics in the USA. Sales in North America account for three quarters of the Californian company’s turnover. Freedom Innovations employs more than 150 people around the world. Its European headquarters are based in Enschede, Netherlands.

“Ottobock is the ideal partner for us,” says Maynard C. Carkhuff, newly appointed chairman of Freedom Innovations. “No other company can offer users and employees anything comparable. We’re excited to be sharing our journey with Ottobock in the future.”

Dave Reissfelder, who has headed the Ottobock subsidiary BionX in Boston to date, has been appointed as the new CEO. “I’m really looking forward to being a part of Freedom Innovations,” Reissfelder says. “Together with the employees, the management team and Ottobock, we’ll make the company flourish.”

Ottobock took over the company and all of its locations and employees on 22 September 2017. The well-established Freedom Innovations brand will continue to be used. Anti-trust matters have already been clarified and a “simultaneous signing and closing” was carried out. The details of the purchase contract are subject to confidentiality provisions. With its Roadmap 22 strategy, Ottobock is pursuing dynamic growth. Together with our Swedish partner EQT, which holds a 20% stake in Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, the Näder family is working to enhance the company’s agility and value creation even further over the mid- and long-term. Otto Bock Holding GmbH & Co. KG is owned 100% by the Näder family. The holding company holds an 80 per cent share in Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH. “We are currently setting our course for the future, thanks to our recent ‘generation change 4.0’, and today by further building on our leading position in the field of prosthetics,” says Prof. Näder. “This will enable us to offer even better solutions and therefore even better Quality for Life for our users in the future. We are working full speed ahead and with great enthusiasm on our next major steps, including intuitive control systems and pattern recognition.”

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Mark C. Schneider
Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, Ebertstraße 15a, 10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30 398 206 222 / mobile: +49 (0) 151 146 591 35



Irvine, CA (June, 6, 2017) – Freedom Innovations, a global manufacturer of lower limb prosthetics, today unveiled the Freedom Institute of Technology (FIT), the educational branch of Freedom Innovations dedicated to providing the latest information to practitioners via a collection of live trainings, webinars and online courses designed to support clinicians in their practice. FIT provides clinicians with the most up-to-date information on products, new technology, leading clinical techniques, and reimbursement support.

“We feel it’s important to offer a robust educational program to all of our clinician partners,” said David Smith, Chairman and CEO, Freedom Innovations. “The Freedom Institute of Technology gives our customers direct access to information and tools they need to thoughtfully serve their patient population. The foundation of our company and products is innovation. We strive for continuous positive changes that result in ease of use for our patients. FIT conveniently shares meaningful information about our products, either in-person, and hands on, or through online interactive learning.”

The Freedom Institute of Technology is divided into three areas:

  • FIT Forums, in-person, mobile courses, presented by clinical prosthetists spanning the entire Freedom portfolio and covering a variety of topics including:
    • fitting and proper candidate selection for devices
    • device programming made easy
    • patient gait training
  • FIT Online courses, offering interactive learning modules available 24/7 covering product features and benefits of award-winning products, including:
    • Kinnex, microprocessor controlled ankle
    • Plie 3, microprocessor controlled knee
    • additional courses updated on a regular basis
  • FIT Webinars cover timely topics important to clinicians such as auditing and the latest in best billing and coding practices for lower limb prosthetic devices, including reimbursement strategies for success
  • All FIT courses are ABC-approved, offering CEUs for clinicians.

“When we have breakthroughs — whether on the product side, or the business side – we want to relay that information quickly to our clinician partners,” said Coryn Olpin, Director of FIT. “FIT is our one-stop platform created to educate, engage and support our customers. For example, FIT Online has support courses for our latest technologies – including our latest innovation, the Kinnex microprocessor ankle. When we reduced the programming time for the Plie 3 to less than 5 minutes, we immediately created courses to support the dissemination of this information. In essence, we view FIT as our brand of educational services, leveraging our expertise by providing up-to-date information for both products and services.”

For more information about Freedom Institute of Technology, visit

Freedom Innovations, LLC ( designs, manufactures, and markets award-winning advanced technology lower extremity prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout the world.


Irvine, Calif., May 9, 2017 — Freedom Innovations, a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced technology lower limb prosthetics, today launched the Maverick™ Xtreme AT, the split-keel version of the lightest fiberglass foot, Freedom Innovations’ original Maverick Xtreme. The new Maverick Xtreme AT is the latest foot in Freedom’s fiberglass portfolio, that is light, durable and suited for variable terrains while offering abundant heel energy storage and return.

“With today’s introduction of the Maverick Xtreme AT, we have truly advanced fiberglass foot technology to another level beyond the solid keel version, resulting in an all-terrain prosthetic that is light and resilient. The Maverick Xtreme allows amputees to experience a natural freedom and confidence in activities ranging from every day to high-impact,” said David Smith, Chairman and CEO, Freedom Innovations. “The Maverick AT comes with all the benefits of Freedom Innovations’ original Maverick Xtreme, plus offers increased ground compliance from the split keel design. It is perfect for users who don’t want sacrifice comfort and peace of mind during extreme activities as well as everyday life.”

The Maverick AT features include:

  • Split heel/keel design providing 32° coronal motion for better ground compliance and enhanced stability on uneven terrains;
  • A “wave” heel plate that provides excellent heel energy storage and return;
  • Superb durability and flexibility from aerospace grade fiberglass material;
  • Waterproof for water activities;
  • Regular and sandal toe options.
  • The Maverick ( fiberglass feet are an addition to Freedom’s carbon fiber offerings for active and athletic amputees, including renowned Agilix and Renegade.

    Freedom Innovations, LLC ( designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology lower extremity prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are distributed throughout the world.


Irvine, CA – May 3, 2017 – Freedom Innovations, a global designer and manufacturer of advanced technology of lower extremity prosthetic devices, was recognized with a Hanger Partner Award for their demonstrated innovation, including the launch of the Kinnex microprocessor-controlled prosthetic ankle-foot system. Hanger, Inc., which delivers orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) patient care and distributes O&P products and rehabilitative solutions to the broader market, uses the Hanger Partner Awards to recognize the contributions of outstanding supply chain partners, who are chosen by key leaders from Hanger’s clinical and operational teams.

“We are honored to be recognized by Hanger, the O&P clinical and market leader. Our team is excited by the robust pipeline of innovation that we expect to bring to market over the next 12 months. Each member of our team is committed to providing the products and service solutions that lead to each patient’s maximum potential,” said David Smith, Chairman and CEO, Freedom Innovations.

“We highly value our partnership with Freedom Innovations, and wanted to recognize how the innovative work they undertake every day is positively impacting the O&P community,” said Kenneth Wilson, President, Products and Services, Southern Prosthetic Supply (SPS). “By working together, we are both able to make great progress towards our shared goal of ensuring O&P patients have the technology and care they need to live fulfilling and empowered lives.”

The recognition comes on the heels of Freedom’s latest tech launch breakthroughs:

  • Maverick™ Xtreme (, the world’s lightest fiber glass foot;
  • Plie 3® and Kinterra, MPC knee, mechanical ankle and foot system;
  • Kinnex, the world’s fastest microprocessor ankle-foot technology, also a 2017 Medical Design Excellence Award finalist.

Presenting a variety of lifestyle options focused on healthy biomechanics from the everyday carbon fiber foot to active and extreme sports, including the Runway®, DynAdapt™ and Renegade®, to the Catapult™ specialty foot, Freedom’s options feature Z-Shock™ and EnduraCore™ technology for comfort and performance and cover an array of both carbon fiber and fiber glass foot preferences. Freedom Innovations, LLC ( designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology lower extremity prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are distributed throughout the world.

Freedom Innovations, LLC ( designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology lower extremity prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are distributed throughout the world.

The 12 Days of Freedom contest

Here’s your chance to win fabulous prizes: Freedom Maverick Feet, Apple Watches, iPads, and YETI Cooler!  Fill out the entry form available through the links below for your chance to win. Check back every day to enter. All 12 entries must be received to qualify, one entry allowed per person per day. Contest begins December 5, 2016 at 10 am PST and ends December 18, 2016 at midnight PST.


Freedom Innovations’ Maynard Carkhuff Named to COPA Board of Directors

Freedom Innovations has announced that its Vice Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer Maynard Carkhuff has been elected to the California Orthotic & Prosthetic Association’s (COPA’s) board of directors. Carkhuff’s appointment was voted upon and made official at COPA’s annual meeting held recently in San Francisco.

Amp1 Wows Spectators at “Duel in the Desert”

A New Rendition Of The Duel In The Desert Showcased Some Of The Best Amputee Basketball Players As Well As Wheelchair Soccer And Lacrosse Matches.

Sports fans in the Valley take note: the Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center is home to a different kind of action that you will not find anywhere else. 

The accessible facility, one of the largest of its kind in the state, hosts a variety of sporting events that give fans a chance to watch some of the most talented disabled athletes from across the country perform.

After housing the USA Wheelchair Rugby team tryouts last month, the gym at Ability360 hosted the third annual Duel in Desert last Friday and Saturday. 

The event brought 19 teams with players from five different states together in one place to compete in a variety of sports, including wheelchair basketball, stand-up amputee basketball, power soccer and wheelchair rugby.

Athletes, families and fans from as far away as New York filled the 45,000-square-foot venue during the two days of competition. While all of the participating athletes showed off serious skills, the amputee basketball teams drew some of the tournament’s biggest cheers.

One player in particular, Robert A. Rodriguez of Amp1/Freedom Blue, wowed spectators with acrobatic layups and eventually led his team to a 21-9 win in the tournament championship game.

Amp1, which fielded a red and blue team, consists of players from New York, California, Utah and Colorado. The group plays in tournaments across the country with a goal of growing its fan base and eventually launching an organized, national stand-up amputee basketball league.

For local fans, the Duel in the Desert truly lived up to its name by showcasing a battle between the wheelchair basketball teams from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. The Wildcats managed to defeat the Devils after a hard-fought battle.

ASU did not go home empty-handed, though. Sun Devils Power Soccer outlasted the competition, which included four other teams from around the Valley, to take home the championship trophy.

Power soccer is the first adaptive sport designed specifically for athletes in power wheelchairs. The sport originated in France in the 1970s and is now gaining more popularity worldwide. 

The game involves two teams of four players squaring off on a regulation basketball court using power wheelchairs with custom front bumpers to move the ball and defend their own goal.

In addition to the sports on display in the tournament, Ability360 also demonstrated a new sport called wheelchair lacrosse at Duel in the Desert.

According to Ability360, “Wheelchair lacrosse is an eight-on-eight game played on a roller hockey rink or box lacrosse pad. Players use a manual sports wheelchair that is also used for sports such as basketball. The game consists of four 15-minute quarters, and positions include attack, midfield, defense and goalie. Equipment includes 40-inch lacrosse sticks, two D-Poles per team, a no-bounce indoor lacrosse ball and ice hockey-sized goals.”

The event also included local food trucks, kids events and an adaptive car show featuring a still-unreleased adaptive Ford Explorer and other vehicles outfitted by Arizonans.

Wayne Schutsky is a senior contributor to Modern Times Magazine.

Amy Purdy, Freedom Innovations & Amputee Community Join Forces to Fight Proposal Restricting Access to Prosthetic Limbs

Amy Purdy, who last year inspired millions both with her medal-winning performance at the Paralympic snowboarding competition in Sochi and with an emotionally breathtaking series of performances on “Dancing With the Stars” culminating in a second place finish, is taking on a new challenge. Purdy is leading the charge against a proposed Medicare change that could limit amputees from getting the prosthetic care they need.

A public outreach campaign has been launched, led by Purdy, a bilateral amputee who lost both of her legs below the knee after a battle with bacterial meningitis; amputee groups and advocates all over the country; and Freedom Innovations, an Irvine, California based company that creates prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential.

Medicare, through its contractors, has proposed new coverage, coding, and clinical care guidelines that, if implemented, install new barriers that would limit and potentially deny access to appropriate prosthetic care. The changes, for example, would eliminate coverage for certain prosthetic devices that amputees depend on to take comfortable steps every day.

“The reason I am able to live a full life is because my legs fit well and I am able to receive the level of prosthetic to match my full potential,” said Purdy. “If this Medicare change happens, kids potentially will not be able to get the prosthetics and care they need to run, play and progress as a normal child would and people like me would be limited in our ability level. This proposed change impacts those of us relying on prosthetics in an enormous way! Prosthetic legs are not a luxury! Without proper prosthetics our quality of life, health and financial wellbeing are all compromised!!”

Purdy, Freedom Innovations and the amputee community at large are currently reaching out to the general public to help send a message to the White House via a petition and letter writing campaign asking for the new Medicare draft policy to be rescinded. Anyone who wants to voice support for this effort is encouraged to do so by visiting