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Welcome letter from Director of Freedom Institute of Technology:

The Freedom Institute of Technology (FIT) was designed to help clinicians learn about new products, techniques and technology while utilizing an education paradigm based on adult learning principles to ensure that the information being taught is meaningful, relevant and useful to you in your practice. With a background in Instructional Design and Technology, I have worked with our team of highly experienced clinicians to develop a curriculum to reflect your needs as busy professionals. Our overall educational strategy offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for all needs including traditional in-person didactic and hands on courses, interactive online modules that are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and live webinars to learn and ask questions as you go.

As the director of the Freedom Institute of Technology, I look forward to helping you meet your education needs by seeing what FIT can do for you. Let us know how we can enhance your educational experience. Contact me at


Freedom Institute of Technology

FIT Forums

FIT Forums are in-person courses instructed by one of our highly qualified field clinical prosthetists that can be conducted in your facility or at a local meeting space.

How do I schedule a Fit Forum?
Contact your Regional Sales Manager to setup a course.
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FIT Forum Courses

FIT Forum Courses



  1. Plié 3 Certification Course | 4.25 CEUs

    Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Plié 3 microprocessor knee through an in-depth educational course and a hands-on fitting (*you invite your own patient*). Upon completion of the course, you will receive a framed certificate to hang in the office, and your clinic will be listed on the Freedom Innovations website as a Plié Certified Clinic.

  2. Freedom Product Overview | 1.25 CEUs

    Explore Freedom Innovations’ full product portfolio of knees, ankles and feet from a high level view. This course is ideal for a quick Lunch and Learn event.

  3. Freedom Ankle Portfolio (Kinterra and Kintrol) | 1.25 CEUs

    Discover Freedom Innovations’ articulating ankle systems, the Kinterra™ and Kintrol™. Identify the biomechanical advantages of hydraulic ankles for individuals with both transtibial and transfemoral amputations and identify the most appropriate patients for each.

  4. Plié 3 Overview | 1.25 CEUs

    Learn the fundamentals of the Plié 3 microprocessor knee including features, benefits, candidate selection and our Programming in 5 Minutes or Less.

  5. Freedom Foot Portfolio | 1.75 CEUs

    Dive into Freedom Innovations’ foot portfolio, including design features and benefits, material selection, fitting suggestions, coding recommendations, and appropriate candidate selection.


FIT Online

FIT Online allows you to access online education at your convenience and at your own pace. These Online education courses were developed by a team of our clinical prosthetists, led by a clinician with a background in Instructional Design and Technology to provide you with the best online learning experience in an engaging and interactive manner. We will continue to add courses as they are developed, so check back regularly to see what’s NEW!

How do I access FIT Online?
Register for your online account »
Click Register and complete the information requested to set up your account. Once you’re logged in, follow the instructions to go through a quick Getting Started training module and request access to our ABC CEU courses.

FIT Online Courses

FIT Online



  1. Plié 3 Programming in 5 Minutes or Less | 1 CEU

    Learn the fundamentals of the Plié 3 microprocessor knee including our Programming in 5 Minutes or Less methodology.

  2. Clinical Overview of Freedom Innovations’ Foot Technology | 1 CEU

    Explore Freedom Innovations’ foot technology including unique features and benefits, material properties of both carbon fiber and fiberglass, and how our feet are manufactured.

  3. L5981 Everyday Walking & L5976 Energy Storing Feet | 1 CEU

    Discover Freedom Innovations’ full range of products that fall into the L-Code recommendations of L5981 and L5976. Identify proper candidate selection for each foot and unique design properties that set them apart.

  4. L5987 Vertical Shock Feet | 1 CEU

    Learn about Freedom Innovations’ foot products that fall into the L-Code recommendation of L5987 and L5987/L5986. Identify unique product features, benefits, and proper candidate selection.

  5. Clinical Benefits of Hydraulic Ankles: Kinterra and Kintrol | 2.5 CEUs

    Identify the clinical benefits of Kinterra and Kintrol in five different areas including level ground walking, socket comfort, ramp ambulation, uneven terrain and sit to stand. Identify which of your patients can benefit from this technology and improve your documentation with clinical justification for these products with the clinical evidence to support it.

  6. Find the Optimal Freedom Foot with the Foot Finder App| 0.5 CEU

    Uncover the Freedom Foot Finder web app to help determine which Freedom Foot is right for different patient profiles.



Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

All FIT Forums and FIT Online Courses are approved for ABC CEUs. If your certification is through another board, BOC or other, we can provide you with a certificate of completion for you to submit to a separate board for approval. Physical Therapists are welcome to attend any of these courses; however, Freedom Innovations does not submit for PT CEUs for any of the courses listed here.
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