Freedom Hour

Webinar Series – CEU courses

We at Freedom Innovations understand that these are troubling times.  The country and the world at large have taken unprecedented measures to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Bookings for patient appointments may have slowed down and you may have some extra time on your hands.   Additionally, you may be behind on your CEUs for the year to due to cancellations of shows and events across the country.

Freedom Innovations is here to help.  We have launched the Freedom Hour Webinar Series in order to help you get your CEUs online.  This series includes courses that provide the opportunity to earn CEU credits, all of which are FREE.

Live Webinars

Stay tuned for upcoming live webinars.

Webinar Replays

Unable to attend a live webinar? Check back here for recordings of our most popular Freedom Hour sessions.  Click the video link below and follow the instructions in the video for how to qualify for CEU credit.

Kinnex 2.0 MPC Ankle/Foot System Overview (1.25 CEUs)
Hosted by Matthew Nelson, CPO, FAAOP
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Plie 3 MPK Overview (1.25 CEUs)
hosted by Jeff Quelet, CPO, LPO
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iQ Vacuum (1.25 CEUs)
hosted by Sarah Stilley, MS, MSPO, LCPO
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Hydraulic Ankles: Kinterra and Kintrol (1.25 CEUs)
hosted by Haley Branch, CPO
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COVID-19 Industry Updates (1 CEU)
with Ashlie White and Justin Beland from AOPA
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Never A Wasted Moment: Staying Productive During A Downturn (1 CEU)
with Lesleigh Sisson, CFOM from O&P Insight and Jessica Norrell, CPO, MBA from Mozn Solutions
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Setting Goals and Achieving Them – Even Amidst A Global Pandemic (1 CEU)
with Robert Mallon from Elite Coaching Solutions
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How to Maintain a Personalized Patient Experience in the Age of COVID-19 (1.5 CEUs)
with Brenda Archer from Inside Out Consulting Services
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Social Media as a Marketing Tool – Part I in Freedom Innovations Digital Marketing Series (1 CEU)
presented by the Freedom Innovations Marketing Team
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Overview of the Freedom Foot Portfolio (1.5 CEUs)
Presented by Matthew Nelson, CPO, FAAOP
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Additional Online Education Opportunities

FIT Online Education center provides a number of CEU course options as well (click this link to be directed to FIT Online’s list of course offerings and registration page).

***All courses are provided at NO COST.  All CEU courses are ABC approved.  Certificates available for BOC and state credit.***