Freedom Innovations Launches World’s First Split-Keel, Low Profile Fiberglass Foot

August 29, 2017

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Freedom Innovations, a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced technology lower limb prosthetics, today launched the Maverick™ Comfort AT, an all-terrain, fiberglass foot with a low profile designed to accommodate those with clearance challenges while providing comfort and ease of mobility with unsurpassed ground compliance. The Maverick Comfort AT is lightweight, has excellent energy storage and return, and is suitable for leisure walking, hiking or engaging in low to moderate impact activities. The Maverick Comfort AT rounds out the trio of Maverick options from Freedom Innovations’ fiberglass foot line.

“We are confident in our mission to meet the needs of every amputee in both our fiberglass and carbon fiber foot portfolios”

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“I like the way the Maverick Comfort AT feels walking on cobble stones and uneven surfaces,” said Robert Poirier, a retired mechanical engineer. Poirier, an amputee for the past 53 years said he knows what he likes when it comes to easy walking. “Maverick Comfort has a soft heel for a more natural feel walking on all surfaces. It simply offers a smooth and predictable experience.”

“We are confident in our mission to meet the needs of every amputee in both our fiberglass and carbon fiber foot portfolios,” said David A. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Freedom Innovations. “Now, with our Maverick fiberglass options, we are satisfying more patients than before. In consideration of a patient’s residual limb, the low-profile design of the Maverick Comfort AT makes it the ideal lightweight, fiberglass walking foot for those with clearance challenges. We are thrilled when patients tell us they can walk for hours without discomfort or fatigue.”

Maverick All Terrain (AT) come in two styles, Maverick Xtreme AT and Maverick Comfort AT Low Profile and feature:

  • Aerospace grade waterproof fiberglass material
  • 32° coronal motion
  • a wave heel plate
  • regular and sandal toe options

The Maverick Xtreme AT launched in May of 2017 and is the world’s first, split-keel fiberglass foot providing durability, flexibility and stability. It is designed for active lifestyles including those who enjoy extreme activities. “I’ve only just started using the Maverick Xtreme AT,” said Eric Welton, a professional skydiver who has been an amputee for 11 years. “I surf, skydive, free dive, bike, hike, whatever keeps me active and this new addition, the Maverick Xtreme AT, backs me in my adventures.”

The world’s lightest fiberglass foot, the original Maverick Xtreme, launched in January and is the solid-keel version providing extreme durability and flexibility. “I’ve been using the Maverick Xtreme for six months and haven’t switched my foot since,” said 30-year old Robert A. Rodriguez, an extreme athlete who was born with a fibular hemimelia requiring amputation. “I first put on the Maverick Xtreme after breaking my carbon fiber foot training for American Ninja Warrior. As an athlete who plays five sports, I am no longer scared that my foot will break during my high activity performances. I love the Maverick because it’s lighter than other feet on the market. I can load and store more energy than usual getting better results than before.”

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About Freedom Innovations

Freedom Innovations, LLC, ( designs, manufactures, and markets award-winning advanced technology lower extremity prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom’s lower extremity prosthetics are manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout the world.


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