Freedom Innovations Underwrites AMP1 Stand-Up Basketball League’s Game in Texas

June 07, 2010

Underscoring its support of widening the opportunities for amputees, Freedom Innovations, provider of world-class lower limb prosthetic devices, continues its support of AMP1 Basketball (, the first and only organized stand-up (vs. wheelchair) basketball team, at a recent game in Fort Worth, Texas.

With team members wearing the Freedom Innovations Renegade prosthetic foot, AMP1 Basketball plays in charity challenge games nationwide, including able-bodied teams, to benefit physically challenged students, amputees, and cancer patients. Freedom Innovations’ sponsorship of foot and knees prosthetic products has enabled the AMP1 team to excel in the demanding sport of stand-up basketball.

“We are able to compete more effectively with Freedom Innovations’ products because of the stability, balance and flexibility they offer, especially the Plié 2.0 MPC Knee which has a microprocessor and sensors that provide the responsive movement required in basketball,” says Tyler Hyatt, transfemoral amputee and co-founder of AMP1. “We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

Freedom Innovations also underwrites the team’s travel to games and to visit hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities where their presentations provide inspiration, motivation, and hope to adults and children facing their own challenges while also recruiting new players for the AMP1 team.

In the recent well-fought match against a staff team from Cook Children’s Medical Center and Camp Sanguinity, a summer camp for children being treated for cancer and blood disorders, the AMP1 team raised money for the Camp and showcased AMP1’s message of “anything is possible.”

“When you pair advanced prosthetic care with our commitment to collaboration and innovation, amputees have the ability to reach their full potential,” notes Gary Wertz, Executive Vice President of Freedom Innovations. “AMP1 Basketball is a perfect example of how people, equipped with the most effective tools can excel while also inspiring others to do the same.”

About Freedom Innovations
Freedom Innovations, LLC designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology prosthetic devices that provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, California, Freedom’s lower-limb prosthetics are distributed in 39 countries around the world. For more information, visit

About AMP1 Basketball
( Founded by two amputees looking for a place to play competitive stand-up basketball, AMP1 has now evolved into a league of athletes playing the first and only organized stand-up basketball – something that has never been done before. In its games and presentations, AMP1 members demonstrate that “all you need is the courage, motivation, determination, and the heart, not just limbs, to follow your dreams …and anything is possible.”