Freedom Kintrol™ K2 Foot/Ankle by Ottobock

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The Kintrol Ankle/Foot combines cutting edge Kinterra hydraulic ankle technology with the highest quality, aerospace-grade fiberglass foot designed to provide K2 ambulators the comfort and control they demand.

What makes Kintrol unique?

  • Adapted Kinterra Hydraulic Ankle technology for the K2 user
  • 12-degree Range of Motion: increased ankle movement for a more natural gait
  • Only K2 foot with above-the-foot shell, independent DF/PF adjustability, allowing for easy and precise customizable user experience.
  • Full length, unbolted fiberglass keel for optimal flexibility and comfort, resulting in a smooth rollover.
  • Active Dorsi-Assist Spring aiding in toe clearance during swing phase to reduce toe stubbing
  • Customizability: U-shaped bumpers of all 4 categories available with every foot to allow for easy adjustment of stiffness without exchanging the foot
  • Sizes: 23 – 30 cm
  • Sandal Toe Sizes: 23 – 28 cm
  • User Weight Rating: up to 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Stiffness Category: 1 – 4
  • Foot Shell Skin Tones: Light, Medium, Dark
  • Warranty: Foot Module 24 months – Cosmetic foot shell 6 months
  • Build Height and Product Weight:
Size Build Height Product Weight with Shell
23-25 cm 4.3 in 110 mm 859 g 30 oz
26-28 cm 4.4 in 112 mm 953 g 34 oz
29-30 cm 4.4 in 112 mm 1,063 g 38 oz
  • Recommended L-Codes (US only): L5972 and L5968