Freedom Restore™ by Ottobock

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Redefining the K2 standard of Performance

The Freedom Restore™ prosthetic foot represents a breakthrough in performance for single speed ambulators (K2 level amputees). Featuring a full-length fiberglass keel in a C-shaped design, Restore provides excellent stability and support. Users will experience increased confidence when performing day-to-day activities. Prosthetists will appreciate the durable fiberglass design with easy to customize heel stiffness adjustments.

  • Full length fiberglass keel provides stability and smooth roll over characteristics needed for K2 level ambulators.
  • Three independent heel bumper options allow the prosthetist to fine tune the response of the heel based on the users’ walking dynamics.
  • Inversion/eversion semi-split keel combined with the added compliance of fiberglass allow the foot to adapt to uneven terrain.
  • A C-shaped foot module provides improved response and stability from initial contact through toe off for natural tibial progression and energy return.
  • Coding: L5972 / L5986
  • Regular and Sandal Toe Options
  • Splash and occasional water submersion
  • Available in sizes 22cm – 30cm (23cm – 28cm Sandal Toe)
  • Increased durability, flexibility and natural feel
  • User Weight Rating – 136kg (300 lbs.)
  • Build Height – 3.9” / 99.06 mm
  • Average Product Weight: 674g (with foot shell)
  • Warranty – Foot Module 12 months (cosmetic foot shell 6 months)