Freedom Silhouette® VS and Silhouette® LP-VS by Ottobock

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Shocking Curb Appeal

The Silhouette VS Prosthetic Foot offers shock absorption and multi-axial ground compliance to soften otherwise unforgiving surfaces. Vertical shock is achieved through a unique foot and sole plate system that facilitates displacement past the urethane pad located at the heel.

  • Water-resistant

•Vertical shock absorption softens impact at heel strike to provide comfort and preserve residual limb health

•Multi-axial function and +/-15 degrees of inversion/eversion provide excellent ground compliance and stability

•The lightweight, slim-profile design facilitates an easy to achieve cosmetic finish capable of pleasing the most discerning critic

•The carbon fiber sole plate with tri-durometer urethane strips facilitates a biomechanically correct ground reaction force, moving lateral to medial through the foot with each step

•A 365 lb. weight rating makes the Silhouette® VS appropriate for a broad range of low to moderate impact K3 level ambulators

•The choice between 3/8″ and 3/4″ heel heights provides the ability to wear higher heel dress shoes or work boots while maintaining proper prosthetic alignment

•Choose between the full length carbon fiber pylon system and the pre-cut LP design, each pre-assembled with either a female or male adapter to simplify the fitting process

  • Sizes: 22-31cm
  • User Weight Rating: 365 lbs. (166kg)
  • Stiffness Categories: 1-9
  • Pylon Options: Full length pylon or LP (low profile, pre-cut)
  • Connector: Silhouette VS 34mm female tube clamp; Silhouette LP VS male pyramid
  • Heel Height: 3/8″ (10 mm)
  • Optional Accessories: Versa Clamp for pin systems and pylon lengthening (KIT-00-123V)
  • Knee Pyramid Adapter: ACC-00-195
  • Skin Tones: Light, Medium, Dark
  • Warranty: Foot Module 36 months – Cosmetic foot shell 6 months
  • Build Height and Product Weight Silhouette VS:
Size Build Height Product Weight with Shell
22-25 cm 7 178 mm 525 g 19 oz
26-28 cm 191 mm 645 g 23 oz
29-31 cm 7⅞ 201 mm 785 g 28 oz


  • Build Height and Product Weight Silhouette LP VS:
Size Build Height Product Weight with Shell
22-25 cm 6⅝ 168 mm 430 g 15 oz
26-28 cm 7⅛ 181 mm 550 g 19 oz
29-31 cm 191 mm 685 g 24 oz


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